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Teen II – Monday

Wow. Just wow. I said some nice things at the start of last week about how God was gonna move. And I believed every word I wrote. But I have been blown away by how REAL God is. And by how much more He has done than I could have ever imagined or prayed for. Teen I blew my mind....

Big Confession

Big confession: I hated summer camp as a child. As an Adventist young adult, it feels sacrilegious to admit that out loud – but it’s true. I hated walking in lines, the high, singsongy-voice of our camp counselor, the lack of personal time (yes, I was 12 and needed personal...

Camp Makes a Difference

Many parents ask why they should send their kids to camp.  It is a simple question that generally springs from a healthy desire to protect their child.  After all, many of us have seen the movies that depict camp as an out-of-control mass of mischievous campers being supervised...
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Welcome to the Big Lake Youth Camp Blog!

One of the best memories from childhood come from the fun that we had in the Summer.  Each year between 1000-1500 campers of all ages come to Big Lake Youth Camp have fun in the great Northwest in a safe, Christian environment   We encourage you to join them by sending your...