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Wonder – Summer 2017

When was the last time you experienced wonder? Deep, spine-tingling, earth-shaking wonder. The kind of wonder that causes you to stop and check to see if you are actually awake. Then, in the next instant, you realize that you have never felt more awake in your life. Yeah, that...

A Look Back at Big Lake’s 50th Reunion

This summer of 2012 marked the 50th year of Big Lake Youth Camp’s ministry.  Monte Torkelson, current director, along with several of his staff, put together a wonderful celebratory 50th anniversary weekend in August.  What an amazing time was had by all.  There were over 200...

Was Will Smith Wrong?

“But you just don’t understaaaaaaaand!” -such is the wit filled and defiant phrase that all children at some point or another say to their parents. Perhaps these placebo type comments are one of life’s ultimate ironies, because as we all know, parents were never kids, and so how...

The Summer Camp Handbook: Book Review

I am not married and I do not have children. However, during the summer months I come in contact with hundreds of children and their parents through my job at Big Lake. And I have often wondered what it must feel like to be a parent and bring a child, who you love and care for...