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One of the fantastic things about Big Lake Youth Camp is our horse program. During the summer season, our 15 horses are kept at Big Lake where we do beginner morning arena classes and beginner afternoon trail rides.  However, due to heavy winter snow the horses cannot stay on site year round.

We are looking for any person or family who would be able to keep a horse over the nine month winter season. This can benefit you by allowing you to have a horse without the initial cost of purchasing it, buying equipment/tack, or transporting it.  It benefits us by allowing us to keep the same horses coming back summer after summer, providing continuity and a safe horsemanship program. There is no charge to care for a horse but we prefer you assume financial responsibility for the horse while it is in your care.  You may be able to deduct the care expenses from your taxes as a donation to Big Lake Youth Camp.

There is a Horse Care Application to fill out first and then a Horse Care Agreement to fill out along with  a property inspection. The horses in this program are in good health, but some may have special needs. We will give you as much information as possible on each horse. We are looking for people that care about horses and wish to be a part of their lives while supporting Big Lake Youth Camp. Thanks for being interested in making these horses’ lives happy and healthy! Please direct any questions about this program to our office at

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