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Ministry at Big Lake doesn’t just happen in the summer, we also provide an amazing opportunity for people to experience the beauty of God’s nature in winter! Donate now to help us keep our winter ministry alive and well! Many of our winter vehicles are in an end of life condition and require more maintenance than they are worth to keep working. We are implementing a multi-year plan to update our vehicle fleet to reduce the maintenance time and money requirements for continued operation, as well as increasing the flexibility of our equipment to continue operating smoothly during low snow years.

The initial update will include several large investments covering snowmobiles, snowcats, tracked vehicles, and the BLYC shop. Once the initial investments are completed we will continue the process by systematically replacing the oldest snowmobiles every three years. We will also replace one snowcat every 10 years. If you are interested in helping Big Lake keep the winter ministry alive and well, please click the donate button below!

Existing equipment
Below you can see pictures of what BLYC is hoping to replace.
The Plan
for updating BLYC equipment!
Replacement equipment
See the what BLYC will be using as we move into the future!
Stage 1: Snowmobiles

$32,000 of $30,000, Status: Fund raising complete, purchase In progress!

We have a fleet of 10 snowmobiles of varying ages (from 1999 to 2011 models) that we will be replacing. This will allow us to reduce the fleet to 7 snowmobiles which are better, newer, and require less maintenance. We have already received donations to replace 3 snowmobiles, and are working on purchasing the new equipment now!
Stage 2: Tracked Vehicles, next year.

$1993.75 of $69,400, Status: Fund raising in progress.

We currently have one set of Mattracks that we use on a truck or SUV to help with transportation when there are low snow levels. We will be converting a minibus to 4wd and getting an additional set of tracks to give us a 2nd low-snow vehicle at a cost of $37,500. In addition, we will be purchasing an aluminum trailer along with trailer tracks at a cost of $31,900. The tracked trailer will be easier to tow and keep the road in better condition than the old sled trailers.
Stage 3: Shop, 1-2 years.

Status: Planning.

The current shop design makes it very difficult to maintain. Three sides of the roof drop snow in a pile right in front of the main snowcat doors. It is difficult to keep the doors clear of snow, so a snowcat must always be parked inside when there is a chance of snow. We will be remodeling the shop by moving the main snowcat doors to the north gable end where less snow collects on the ground.
Plans coming soon!
Stage 4: Tucker Snowcat, 2-3 years.

Status: Planning.

Our Tucker snowcat is ready to retire. It was built in 1996 and was purchased new by Big Lake. For 20 years it has been the workhorse of our snowcat fleet. Each year the maintenance gets a little more expensive. We will purchase a new to us Tucker that will perform the same function, but with less miles and newer and better design features that will reduce maintenance time and expense at a cost of $180,000.
Stage 5: Snowmobiles again, 3 years.

Status: Planning.

We will be replacing a second round of snowmobiles. These will be the ones that are still in reasonable working condition, but are getting close to end of life. These are the "work" snowmobiles which are designed for heavy duty towing. We use these to transport small groups of visitors from Ray Benson Snow Park to BLYC. Because they are special purpose snowmobiles they are more expensive, so we will replace 2 at a cost of $30,000.
Stage 6: More tracks, 4-5 years.

Status: Planning.

We have had several winters in recent years where the snow level has been low which requires alternate transportation using Mattracks, and 1 bus does not have enough capacity to efficiently move people into and out of camp. We will be getting a second bus, 4wd conversion, and another set of Mattracks to allow us to efficiently and effectively move people in low snow. In addition we will purchase a low mileage Diesel SUV to use as another tracked vehicle. Total cost $60,000.
Stage 7: Bombardier, 4-5 years

Status: Planning.

Our 1996 Bombardier snowcat is primarily used for road grooming, but is also occasionally used for group transportation. The Bombi systems have a limited lifetime and are getting close to complete failure. The repairs are becoming more expensive and will continue to increase as pumps and drives fail. We will replace it with a new to us Piston Bully snowcat. Piston Bully has an excellent reputation for reliability and value, and will make an excellent replacement.