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The Urgent Need to Rebuild the Lodge

As we contemplate the reality of an empty campus this summer, a unique and urgent opportunity presents itself. The iconic and important BLYC Lodge is in a state of emergency. To begin with, the roof has major leakage issues. In attempting to deal with repairing the roof, a recent engineering report has informed us that we are unable to conduct the repair without bringing the entire building up to current building code for our heavy snow loads. Unfortunately, reinforcing the existing building has been eliminated as an option. So, after three years of assessments and proposals, the final conclusion is that we are unable to repair the roof without rebuilding the entire Lodge.
The Role of the Lodge
The Lodge is the most essential building in the camp operations of Big Lake. During a typical summer, approximately 1,000 meals a day are served from this building; and classes, worships, Bible studies, and activities all happen in the Lodge. When we have a rainy day, the Lodge houses the majority of our campers, and provides a space to play 4-way volleyball and do other activities. Simply put, it would be logistically prohibitive to operate summer camp without the Lodge. It would also be potentially catastrophic for Big Lake to be closed another year to accomplish this project of rebuilding the Lodge.
Cost and Logistics
The estimated cost of rebuilding the Lodge is $3 million. The Forest Service is deeply supportive of this project happening this summer, having cleared the way for us to move ahead, pending the results of one final archeological study that is underway. We have a path forward with a construction company, and the county has expressed support in helping to expedite permits as needed.
Big Lake Strong
The strength of Big Lake Youth Camp is you–our community. All of us who have sent our kids to Big Lake, or attended ourselves, or worked as a staff member, or volunteered as a medical professional, boat driver, RAD camps pro, winter host, or Maranatha volunteer, believe in and fight for this special place. Big Lake is our camp. It has been a haven to PCT hikers, lost snowmobilers, and thousands of campers who have found safety and support in the uplifting message of love lived out on these sacred grounds. A project of this magnitude, especially in this climate, will only happen because God lays a burden on the hearts of this community to preserve and protect this special place.
The Urgency of this Moment
So, this is the urgency of the moment: we have a small window of opportunity to accomplish the most urgent building project we have had at Big Lake in decades, during a summer when camp is forced to close. To wait for another year would be incredibly challenging and potentially catastrophic for camp operations and ministry.

If you would like to make a donation using a credit card, click this link: PayPal Lodge Donations. If you would like to mail in a donation for the Lodge, make checks out to, “Big Lake Youth Camp”, write “Lodge project” in the memo section and send to our business office: Big Lake Youth Camp, 19800 Oatfield Rd, Gladstone, OR 97027

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Lodge Rebuild


REG Camps

REGular Camps are the core of what we do. Imagine seven action packed days of fun and learning at our main camp on the shores of Big Lake. Days filled with excitement, challenge, reflection and loads of friends, both new and old. Campers experience the best of what Big Lake has done for over 50 years … creating fun and building kids.
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RAD Camps

Our teen campers love to focus on their favorite activities. RAD camps give them that opportunity. RAD camps allow for campers to focus in on one chosen activity for the entire week. Whether they are at Big Lake or camping in a small group at a remote location, RAD camps give teens the chance to develop significant skills.
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Adventure Camp

Adventure camp is designed to introduce younger children into the world of summer camping. The week is shorter and the pace is slower to make it more user-friendly for the 7- 9 year olds. Campers get a taste of all that camp has to offer and a great introduction into how much fun camp can be.
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Abba's Child

Tough times, including the death of an immediate family member and the impact can be dramatic. Abba’s Child Camps provide a safe place for grieving kids to receive support and acceptance. A place where kids can meet others experiencing similar emotions, receive accepting support from professionals, AND still have a blast at camp.
The Abba's Child Program

Building relationships, learning new skills, and having fun in a positive environment has been Big Lake’s goal since 1962. Each summer our carefully selected staff lead hundreds of young people from over 15 countries on a seven-day journey of adventure.

Life can be unpredictable. Culture and society changes, but Big Lake offers a constant in the lives of young people. This constant is the love of Jesus that permeates everything we do. Our Christ-centered program illustrates that faith in action is fun! Our campers continually report that the awesome excitement of learning new skills is only topped by our even more exciting Christian campfire programs and newly made friendships.
A week at Big Lake provides campers with the environment and the opportunity to gain better self-awareness, set and achieve goals, and have a blast. We offer friendship, encouragement, adventure, and enough fun to make memories for a lifetime.

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