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Welcome Staff!

Check below to find helpful resources for your summer at camp!

Important Documents

Staff Mugshots


  1. TED talk on bullying
  2. Article on Mental Health and Camp

Things to do near BLYC.


  1. Hike up Cache Mountain
  2. Lake 110, from BLYC set your compass to 110º and head to 44°21’26.2″N 121°50’18.7″W
  3. Sahalie and Koosah Falls
  4. Dee Wright Observatory
  5. Breitenbush Falls
  6. Steelhead Falls
  7. Chush Falls
  8. Skylight Cave
  9. Black Crater
  10. Tamolitch Falls/Blue Pool
  11. Proxy Falls
  12. Patjens Lakes Loop
  13. Potato Hill
  14. Jack Lake Trail
  15. Fish Hatchery
  16. Belknap Hot Springs
  17. Square Lake
  18. Black Butte


  1. Suttle Tea (free internet)
  2. Angeline’s Bakery
  3. The Porch

Mountain Biking

  1. Peterson Ridge Trail
  2. Phil’s Trail
  3. McKenzie River Trail


  1. Sisters Boulders
  2. Smith Rock
  3. Meadow Camp