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Sunday Arrival Schedule

3:00 PM – Check-In begins! Park and leave your bags in the car – our staff will help you carry them to your cabin later. Take the Big Lake Tour and meet your counselor. Stop by our lemonade stand for something to drink and a delicious cookie. Perhaps you can get your parents to put some extra money in your store account so you can get the summer’s coolest new t-shirt.

6:00  PM – Your first line call. Meet the Village Directors, and see the world famous CADCO drill team do the week’s first flag lowering ceremony.

6:30 PM – Supper time. We know you’re hungry from the long ride you’ve had up to camp. Chow down on our tasty Sunday night meal.

8:30 PM – After getting settled in your cabin and getting to know your cabin mates a little better, it’s time for CAMPFIRE! See the staff video, learn the theme-song, and experience one of the funnest things at camp.

Cabin Time – After campfire, brush your teeth and settle in. It’s only been a half day and it’s already been so awesome, but try your hardest to go to bed. You’ll want to get up refreshed and ready for the start of one of the best weeks of your summer.

Monday – Thursday Schedule

8:00 AM – Wake up to the vocal stylings of Elmo, Veggie Tales, and sometimes even Pavarotti. It’s time for showers, or if you’re brave, a chilly morning dip in the lake to rinse off

8:30 AM – At morning line call campers take turns raising the flag, demonstrating their crazy skills as they march, stride to the beat, and walk it out. Morning line call is followed by morning worship and camp council. Here campers push their creativity with motions to new songs and old favorites.

9:15 AM – It’s time to feast on one of Big Lake’s awesome meals! Bananas, eggs, French toast and potatoes, here we come!

10:15 AM – Hurray! It’s time to head to your primary activity! Whether by land, sea, beast, or bike, you’re about to bolster your abilities. Our hand-picked instructors are ready to polish your skills and help you learn some new ones.

1:15 PM – You’ve been working hard all morning and it’s time to refuel with spaghetti, bean burritos, Big Lake’s homemade bread, or some chocolate fudge cake.

2:15 PM – Time for some chillin’ and cheerin’ while you catch your breath for a big afternoon. Watch as the camp staff give it all they’ve got in a quick game of Big Lake softball.

3:1o PM – It’s time to mix it up and see what happens around the rest of camp. You and your cabin mates might be shopping at the Big Lake Mall, blobbing your buds at the lake, or rippin’ it up on the “Sea Wolf”, but whatever you do, it’s gonna be SWEET!

6:20 PM – It’s time for dinner, and believe me, with all you’ve been doing this afternoon, you’re ready to scarf down some pizza, potato soup, or some tasty taco salad.

7:10 PM – FUN TIMES! This is always one of our campers’ favorite activities. Try to capture the other team’s flag. Who’ll win? Will it be the girls village or boys village?

8:15 PM – Get some last minute notes from your village director before heading to campfire. At campfire you’ll get to sing songs, play the nightly challenge, listen to the news, watch a play, and learn this year’s theme song. Will it be #1 on Saturday night?

Cabin Time – Brush your teeth, tuck in, share stories with your friends, and get some sleep. You need to get up early for another day that’s sure to be more awesome than the last.


2:30 PM – Instead of the staff softball game, its time for you and your cabin to show off your skills in the Big Lake Olympics. Help your village win the right to have your village flag flown from the flagpole during the awards ceremony.

6:15 PM – Sabbath is almost here. It’s a time to reflect on the week and reconnect with all of the new friends you’ve been making. Tidy up your cabin and put on some schnazzy duds for dinner.

6:30 PM – The meal is a little bit different tonight. Normally, mealtime is a little crazy and you’re scarfing down your food as fast as you can to head off to your next activity. However, the point tonight is to enjoy being together. We even have an extra special meal prepared for you that our kitchen staff has been working hard on for days. So relax and enjoy some quality time with your friends.

8:30 PM – Even campfire is a little different tonight. Just like you’ve been paying extra attention to cleaning your cabin and putting on your favorite clothes, our staff have cleaned up as well. You’ll notice that most of the staff have even showered and are now wearing their camp finest to campfire. The week has been a fun party and it’s been awesome, but Sabbath is like the after party where you’ve been personally invited to an intimate gathering with your best friends by the MAN Himself, Jesus Christ.


**Note: The Saturday schedule below reflects a camper’s schedule.

9:15 AM – Breakfast! Have some tasty waffles and strawberry sauce. It’s been our Big Lake Sabbath morning brunch FOREVER. Join in the tradition.

10:30 AM – See the Bible come alive through our Sabbath morning campfire. It’s easy to forget that people in the Bible like Moses or Abraham were ordinary people just like us. Learn about their lives, and how they made God their focus.

12:30 PM – Lunch. Campers each yummy sandwiches with their instructors while reflecting on the week’s fun times and accomplishments.

1:30 PM – Adventures and Excursions. It’s basically hang time with your cabin, a time to connect without having a schedule that you have to follow. Go on a hike, brave the chilly waters of Clear Lake, or hang out with your cabin in a cave. The point of this time is for you to be together and enjoy each other’s company because you really are the best part of camp.

6:30 PM
 – SHAM-Burgers and fries. It’s your last dinner at Big Lake. Try not to scarf it down too fast.

8:00 PM – Well Big Lake campers, it’s time for SATURDAY NIGHT! It’s definitely the best Campfire of the week, filled with surprises, special village performances, and Big Lake’s TOP 10, as voted by you, the BLYC Campers.

Sunday Departure Schedule

7:20 AM – It’s time to wake up and make sure you have everything packed. You wouldn’t want to forget the cool new water bottle you bought while at camp. It’s time to start saying goodbye to your friends.

8:00 AM – Last line call. It’s time to find out who had the best cheers of the week and for the coveted Honor Cabin Award to be handed out.

8:30 AM – Chow down on some porridge, camp style. Raisins, coconut, milk, or chocolate chips? Choose one topping or them all!  The buses will be ready to go soon. Scoop some applesauce quick if you need to.

9:00 AM – The buses are starting to head out and your parents will be at camp soon to pick you up. Say some last goodbyes, exchange email addresses, and make sure to let your friends and parents back home know what an AWESOME week you had.