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  • Outdoor School

    At Big Lake Youth Camp

Interested in volunteering at Big Lake? Want to learn how to lead a cabin of kids, while experiencing crazy amounts of fun and energy? Apply to be a counselor at Big Lake’s Outdoor School. Lead a group of six-nine 6th graders through their Outdoor School experience and assist teachers in outdoor instruction. Check out the different elements of this awesome experience and sign up following the link at the bottom of the page.



Set a positive atmosphere for your own cabin of campers. A school sponsor (above 21) will be there to assist you, but you will set the tone for your campers. Lead out in cabin cheers, cabin worships, and repeat-after-me songs that your campers will remember well after leaving camp!


Meet with your class' teacher before the 6th graders arrive and learn how to lead educational games, teach small instructional activities, and explain concepts to kids who might not have understood directions.


Connect with other high school students from around Oregon. We meet a day before Outdoor School to train and get to know each other. While Outdoor School is running, you’ll get to know other counselors even better, sharing similar counseling experiences and meeting together for debrief sessions.


Being a counselor at Outdoor School is an experience many remember for years to come. However, volunteering as a counselor does take a commitment on your part. Big Lake believes that the learning you experience as an Outdoor School Counselor should not be prioritized at the expense of success at home.

We expect that counselors will:
• come willing to serve kids and Christ
• be in good academic standing
• have written school consent and a plan for making up work (counselors will miss four days of class)

Outdoor School Counselor Application

Want to be considered as a counselor for Outdoor School? Please fill this application out! Our next session is May 6-10 at Milo Adventist Academy.
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Returning Outdoor School Counselor

Been an Outdoor School Counselor before and want to come back? Please fill this application out! Our next session is May 6-10 at Milo Adventist Academy.
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