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Big Lake’s REG (regular) camps feature our traditional camping programs available for youth ages 10-17. REG campers select one skill-building activity that they focus on each morning, Monday through Friday. Campers’ afternoons are spent rotating through many of the other great activities, including the Big Lake Mall, blob, and rocket. Evenings are full of fun group games and end with our awesome Campfire program. The REG camp daily schedule allows campers to enjoy all that Big Lake has to offer. Print out an application by clicking 2019 BLYC REG Camp Application.

Archery - FULL Junior 3
Start at a Yeoman skill level and see if you can improve to Olympian in our archery program that follows the National Archery Association outline. First, learn the safe and proper care of your bows and arrows, ensuring that everyone has a great time, then take aim on our archery range and get better with each shot. Available at all REG Camps.
Pound, stretch, bend, drizzle, draw, and get your hands messy if you want to. At the Big Lake Art Studio you will find time, space and training to create your own masterpieces and learn how to continue your art skills at home. If learning to express yourself creatively is your thing – then this is your attraction. Available at all REG Camps.
BMX - FULL Junior 3
All the thrills and spills of BMX biking are packed into one week of adrenaline-pumping excitement. Learn techniques to ride faster and jump higher. From beginner through advanced, Big Lake's very own racetrack is challenging and lots of fun. Bikes and helmets are provided. Available at all REG Camps.
Guide your canoe through glassy blue water, exploring areas along the lake shore that are difficult to access on foot. Improve your "J" stroke and paddling techniques. You'll even learn how to right a capsized canoe! Whether you're a beginner or advanced, this activity features one of the coolest ways to explore Big Lake. Available at all REG Camps.
Cross Country - Teen 2 ONLY
Whether you are a seasoned cross-country runner looking for an edge, or a novice runner looking to learn more about an activity that can lead to life-long exploration, health, and camaraderie, this camp is for you! Join us at Big Lake for a week of trail running in the area. We'll complete daily running workouts designed to improve endurance, strength, and speed, and you will also learn about supplemental exercises, injury prevention, race tactics, and nutrition. Each day will include plenty of opportunity to participate in the other activities Big Lake Youth Camp has to offer, so come ready to run, learn swim and play!
Digital Photography - FULL Tween Camp
Learn basic principals of composition, editing, and production. Time will be spent in all three phases of the process with each camper bringing home a special photo to remember a fun week. Cameras are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. Available at all REG Camps.
Drama - FULL Junior 1
Gain a better stage presence and improve your confidence through learning the basics of performance, diction, and projection. Enhance your memory skills and use your week at camp to work toward a special camp production performed on Saturday night. Available at all REG Camps.
Geocaching - FULL Junior 3
Get lost in the beauty of Big Lake’s surrounding forest while searching for hidden treasure. Geocaching blends modern technology with a good ol’ fashioned treasure hunt. Find someone else’s cache or create one of your own. Work as a team while developing your own problem solving skills in this high-tech game of hide-and-seek. Available at all REG Camps.
Whether you want to rock out with your youth group or start your own garage band – taking guitar at Big Lake will give you the skills to hold your own. Campers receive hands-on instruction from expert staff members that help them focus on musicianship skills, theory, ear training, and improvisation. The class will conclude with a special performance Saturday evening - so get ready to rock out! Tween, Teen 1 and Teen 2 only.
Incorporating both the technical and performance aspects of gymnastics, our skilled instructor will teach the fundamentals of power tumbling, acrobatics, balance, and flexibility. Learn both individual and team skills in a class taught for beginning and intermediate gymnasts and work toward a camp-performed routine. Available at all REG Camps.
Horsemanship - FULL Junior 1, Junior 3 & Tween
Enjoy daily riding classes with Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) instructors qualified to teach both level 1 and 2 of the CHA curriculum. Improve your basic skills, learn proper care and grooming techniques, and develop one-on-one relationships with Big Lake's own horses. Available at all REG Camps.
Mountain Biking - FULL Junior 3 & Tween
Make use of one of our Gary Fisher bikes or bring your own. Big Lake provides the helmets and the opportunity for fun in this challenging and rewarding class that takes you to scenic viewpoints overlooking Mt. Washington, Hoodoo, and Sand Mountain. Stamina, balance, and team encouragement will characterize this activity. Available at all REG Camps.
Sailing - FULL Tween
Hoist the mainsail, set the Cunningham, and gain the understanding of how windward and leeward winds affect the luff. Learn the basic principles of tack and jibe in a team-oriented environment. In this activity you will have the opportunity to sail individual boats and a cabin cruiser. Available at all REG Camps.
If you LOVE sports, then this camp is for you! Spend your mornings hoopin' it up on the basketball court, hittin' home runs in softball, scoring goals on the soccer field, and spiking it over the net on the volleyball court. Our skilled instructors will teach you the basics of each sport, blending skills and fun in an EPIC week of camp. Available at all REG Camps.
Survival Adventures - FULL Junior 3 & Tween
What would you do if you were lost in the forest? Learn basic skills of shelter building, fire making, orienteering, and even the use of a GPS. These skills could save your life someday, and you’ll have a blast learning them. Available at All REG Camps.  
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The Blob and Surf-bikes further enhance our swimming program, designed to strengthen your stroke and help you become a more efficient swimmer. Our American Red Cross certified instructor is able to teach five levels of swimming proficiency in Big Lake's refreshing waters. Come enjoy the crystal clear waters of Big Lake. Available at all REG Camps.
In this activity you will learn the fundamentals of amateur filmmaking, providing you with the skills to produce and create your own movie to take home and show your friends. Use our video editing suite and high-end digital video cameras to produce your own independent short film, while learning production, directing, camera, and acting skills. Available at all REG Camps.
Wakesports - FULL Junior 1, Junior 3, Tween & Teen 1
Our fleet of Air Nautiques and a Moomba, along with a full line of HO and Hyperlite ski and wakeboard gear are ready for you to use! Whether you're a first timer or a veteran, our skilled instructors are ready to help you improve your slalom, work on your mobius, or develop your inverts. Come learn new water skills. Available at all REG Camps.
Windsurfing - FULL Junior 3, Tween & Teen 2
Light prevailing west winds make learning or perfecting windsurfing skills at Big Lake a sweet experience. Improve your balance and technique in this rewarding and challenging activity with Big Lake provided sailboards, instructor, and enough wind to make your time fun. Available at all REG Camps.

REG Camps 2019 Schedule

June 23-June 30 -- Junior 1 (ages 10-12) - FULL
June 30-July 7 -- Junior 2 (ages 10-12)
July 7-14 -- Junior 3 (ages 10-12) - FULL
July 14-19 -- Adventure (ages 7-9)

July 21-28 -- Tween (ages 11-13)
July 28-August 4 -- Teen 1 (ages 13-17) - FULL
August 4-11 -- Teen 2 (ages 13-17)

*Please note that we may have English Language Learners (ELL) that may be older in age (minors) enrolled in this camp and staying in the cabins with tween campers.

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