Often during spring and summer we were fortunate to have Maranatha International volunteers at camp to  make improvements to some of our buildings. They started by rebuilding 2 of the Girl’s Village cabins several years ago and then at the end of the summer came back to rebuild 1 additional cabin along with working on some other projects.

With the Girl’s Village cabins finished, there are now cabins in the Boy’s Village to be rebuilt. We are needing additional funding for these, which is where you can get involved. The materials are going to cost about $45,000 for each cabin and we’re counting on our BLYC community to sponsor a cabin and help us raise the needed funds to rebuilding cabins #2. #3, #6, #9 and #10.

Cabin #30 – FINISHED!

Cabin #20

Cabin 20 was dismantled following camp this summer by a number of volunteers and staff including some of our Oregon Conference pastors. Funding is still needed for the materials to rebuild this cabin so we’ll be fundraising this fall and winter to hopefully be ready to begin rebuilding Cabin 20 in the spring in time for 2018 summer camp!

If you’re interested in being involved in this project check our Maranatha at Big Lake page. And visit our Fundly page to donate!


Cabin #21

Cabin 21 is waiting to be rebuilt as soon as we raise the $45,000 needed for materials and labor. Our goal is to have Maranatha begin work on this project in 2018.

Visit our Fundly page to donate!



Cabin #25

Maranatha finished building Cabin #25 before camp this summer and dozens of campers enjoyed this snug new cabin. 

An improvement over the old a-frame design, the new cabins are two full stories and able to hold 24 people (twice as many as the old cabins). They were also built with more insulation to keep the cabin cooler on the hot days and warmer on the cold ones.

Maranatha came back at the end of summer to finish painting and staining the cabin for winter.

Cabin #27

Maranatha also finished building Cabin 27 before camp this summer so it could be used to house the large number of girls who came to camp. 

An additional benefit of the new cabins’ design is the built-in divider on the first floor that was already put to good use this year dividing the cabin into separate units for family camps. This new feature not only increases privacy for families but also drastically decreases the amount of work required to partition the cabins when needed.


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