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Big Lake’s RAD Camps are a one week overnight, safe, fun extreme outdoor adventure camp, specifically designed for 13 to 17 year olds. They can experience a leadership program where Big Lake staff mentor teens in changing the world! At RAD Camps, teens are inspired by our unique outdoor leadership program to “be the change they want to see in the world.” Campers will make life-long friends and learn with them what it means to be a “RAD-ical” leader who wants to get at the root of what it means to love, and to get at the root of what has made such a mess of our world.

Some RAD Camps take adventure to the extreme at Big Lake and others take off for grand adventures by the sea, meandering trail and rivers, or to Oregon’s beloved cliffs and peaks for the day or even for the week.



The staff at Big Lake Youth Camp are trained and prepared to be in charge of the daily activities and are in direct supervision of your teen 24-hours a day.

“I love the confidence that you had in me. It was amazing and I have so many new ideas now for my leadership position at school!”


Upon successful completion of the RAD Camp, campers will “RAD-uate” with a certificate of achievement, and embark on their new adventure in leading their communities! RAD is designed to nurture our campers to become leaders in their homes and schools. Choose a camp according to the skills tucked into your fanny pack, or try something completely new.

rock climbing boy
“Sharing stories about ourselves was the most meaningful part of this week on RAD Rock Climbing. Practicing giving affirmations while we climbed helped me feel so much better about myself! Thanks for the totally RAD week!”

No matter which camp you choose, you’ll be sure to enjoy: story telling, group cooking, star gazing, wilderness education classes, water fights and daily life on the trail/river/ocean/lake or crag. But, READ THE SMALL PRINT! RAD is not for the faint of heart. While we absolutely love adventuring with first-timers, we do require that camps actively practice good fitness before attending camp and have a strong interest in and commitment to the chosen activity. If you’re interest in “exploring” an activity, check out corresponding REG camps where you’ll find your wild side satisfied. If you like to fill out a paper application, here is the right one: 2019 BLYC RAD Camp Application.

RAD to Staff Camps

 Our RAD to Staff program is designed specifically for teens ages 15-17. As a RAD-to-Staff camper, you’ll experience your choice of one of our participating awesome RAD Camps alongside fellow campers while shadowing and being mentored by a Big Lake Youth Camp staff member. You’ll have a chance to practice leading the team up a mountain or on another killer adventure. While RAD to Staff campers are not guaranteed a future position as a Big Lake staff member, participation in the program is recommended because it helps you see what it takes to work at Big Lake and it allows our staff to get to know you in a unique and important way and you’ll end the week with a certificate of achievement to remind you of your unique leadership tools and abilities to take with you back home, to school, and into the rest of your life. This year the following RAD Camps are offering a RAD to Staff segment: Advanced Rock Climbing, Back Country Adventure, Rock Climbing, Ultimate RAD, and White Water Rafting. 

If you are ready to put your RAD leadership skills into practice at Big Lake through one of our RAD “in training” programs, you will need to complete the camp application, write a short essay and pass a reference check before being allowed to participate.

RAD Camps 2019

Advanced Rock Climbing

Advanced Rock Climbing RAD to Staff (must be 15-17 yrs old)

Back Country Adventure RAD

Back Country Adventure RAD to Staff (must be 15-17 yrs old)


Counselor in Training (must be 15-17 yrs old)

Family RAD


“I’ve had such an amazing time at RAD this week. I loved sleeping under the stars and making new friends.” – camper quote

High Desert Wakesports – 1 FULL, 2 OPEN

Horse Trail Extreme – FULL

Intro to Flight


Mountain Biking

RAD Praise

Red Cross Lifeguarding

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing RAD to Staff (must be 15-17 yrs old) – FULL


Staff in Training (must be 15-17 yrs old)


“Thank you so much for such an amazing week. Your interest in our lives was so cool. I loved that it was so fun and easy to talk to you about anything. My favorite part of the week was getting to hike to the top of the mountain. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous and the idea of dedicating a hike was so cool to me and it got me thinking about meaningful people in my life. Thanks for bringing a new idea to my hikes. This week has been so amazing.” – camper quote

Ultimate RAD

Ultimate RAD to Staff (must be 15-17 yrs old)


Wakesports 3, 4, 5 – FULL  1, 2 – OPEN

White Water Rafting 2 – FULL

White Water Rafting RAD to Staff (must be 15-17 yrs old) 2 – FULL  1 – OPEN

Wrangler in Training 1 and 2 (WIT, must be 15 or older)

“RAD is just that…RAD! The staff, campers, nature, and activity are all just super RAD. I hope that you will have a wonderful week filled with precious memories. Really take time to see nature. Remember, the RAD boys will become like your brothers: the RAD girls will become like your sisters. It’s special how close RAD gets.” – camper quote

RAD Camp Welcome Letters and Packing Lists

2019 BLYC RAD Camp Application

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