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Big Lake’s RAD camps are specifically designed for 13 to 17 year olds. These teen oriented camps allow kids to focus on a specific activity, maximizing their time to improve skills and develop deeper bonds. Some RAD camps take place on-site with campers staying in a Big Lake Youth Camp cabin at night, while others take place off-site where campers get the added bonus of a fully supervised tent camping experience. Many RAD camps do require that campers have a good level of fitness and will require a strong interest and commitment to the chosen activity. If campers are only interested in “exploring” an activity, signing up for the corresponding REG camp activity may be advisable. Plan your RAD Camp adventure and view our 2019 camp dates and rates! Start by downloading the Note: As a safety precaution, individuals registering for Big Lake Youth Camp’s counselor, staff or wrangler in training RAD Camps must complete a short essay and pass a reference check before participating.

RAD to Staff Camps

Our RAD to Staff program is designed specifically for teens ages 15-17. As a RAD to Staff camper, teens are given special leadership training while experiencing one of our awesome RAD Camp activities alongside fellow campers. Through mentorship with a Big Lake Youth Camp staff member, RAD to Staff campers will develop valuable leadership skills and knowledge. Upon successful completion of the RAD to Staff program, campers will be given a certificate of achievement. While RAD to Staff campers are not guaranteed a future position as a Big Lake staff member, participation in the program is recommended because it helps you see what it takes to work at Big Lake and it allows our staff to get to know you in a unique and important way. This year the following RAD Camps are offering a RAD to Staff segment: Advanced Rock Climbing, Back Country Adventure, Rock Climbing, Ultimate RAD, and White Water Rafting. 

RAD Camps 2019

Advanced Rock Climbing

Advanced Rock Climbing RAD to Staff (must be 15-17 yrs old)

Back Country Adventure RAD

Back Country Adventure RAD to Staff (must be 15-17 yrs old)


Counselor in Training (must be 15-17 yrs old)

Family RAD


Ultimate RAD

Ultimate RAD to Staff (must be 15-17 yrs old)



White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting RAD to Staff (must be 15-17 yrs old)

Wrangler in Training 1 and 2 (WIT, must be 15 or older)



RAD Camp Welcome Letters and Packing Lists

2019 BLYC RAD Camp Application

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